Business and Commercial Litigation

We work to solve and resolve problems. We represent clients in all stages of business disputes in courts and arbitration proceedings throughout the state. Our Las Vegas Business Lawyer's background gives us a macro view of the issues so that we are better able to resolve business problems cost effectively and efficiently.

Complex Litigation

We frequently represent clients in litigation with hundreds of different parties with varying interests. We have experience at all levels of both State and Federal litigation and will be able to strategically navigate through any complex litigation that our client encounters.

Construction Defect

Our professionals have represented  many  construction companies doing business in Nevada.  While business used to be done on a handshake, today's world requires solid documentation to reinforce the agreement between the parties. We have assisted small and large companies when alleged construction defects exist in residential or commercial properties. We also draft or analyze documents for use during and after construction, including, but not limited to: lien waivers, claim notices, change orders, contract amendments, termination agreements, warranties and mechanic's liens. When construction disputes arise, we take an aggressive but problem-solving approach to resolve them quickly. We have advised on issues of delay, disruptions and acceleration, construction and design defects, differing site conditions, mechanics' liens, changes, surety and insurance issues, warranties, damages and contractual interpretation.

General Liability
We have extensive experience with general liability legal and business issues, including, but not limited to: personal injury, property damage, premise liability, product liability and economic loss. Our experience allows the firm to efficiently analyze issues, risk and potential exposure to damages in litigation.

Real Estate Transactions and Litigation

Our Las Vegas Real Estate Lawyer handles legal issues related to all types of real estate, including office, retail, hospitality, restaurant, industrial, mixed-use and multi-family properties. We also have expertise in specialty properties dealing with such venues as airports, hotels, motels and resorts, medical facilities, and sports facilities. Our real estate lawyers represent corporations, large and small developers, investors, retailers, and other institutional users, contractors, owners, landlords and tenants.

Subrogation and Recovery

Our main objective, as subrogation and recovery counsel, is to identify, build, and successfully prosecute actionable claims where recovery is predicted based on our  thorough analysis of liability. We pursue every loss with subrogation potential and diligently strive to expeditiously recommend closing of non-viable claims in order to more efficiently handle the loss. To further reduce our clients’ legal expenses, our practice is structured to operate on a contingency fee basis. This enables us to handle claims creatively and aggressively without exposing our clients to significant out-of-pocket fees.

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Nevada Walker provides the following legal services to its clients:

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  • General Liability
  • Real Estate Transactions and Litigation
  • Subrogation and Recovery